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FAQeFAQs - What is Franken Food?
What is Franken Food?
Franken Food is food that has been genetically altered to produce features not found in the original. It is done to make food that is either larger, lasts longer, has extra vitamins, or is resistant to disease or bugs..

The one problem this introduces is that genetically altered food can introduce unpredictable side effects. Since the food chain is a chain, altering any link in that chain can dynamically alter effects way down the chain or cause links that never existed before. These new links can cause a domino effect that once started, may not be able to be stopped until unreversible damage has been done.

Since Scientist discovered DNA, they have found out that they do not know what large spans of the DNA code is used for. Now they are altering that string of code, possibly removing parts of the code that were built-in as a safe guard against nasty viruses. The problems in science, is that most are looking for instant cause and effect. Bio engineering may not cause problems for numerous generations of genetic changes...
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