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FAQeFAQs - How do I date a geek?
How do I date a geek?
It is a little known fact that geeks are people too. Some are more people than others. In fact, geeks are more involved in everything they do. They take every opportunity to turn a personal experience into a project. This site is one example of a geek project.

A geek tries to be different. The best geeks are the ones that can pull-off that (nerd + preppie) look and still attract the attention of the "FAQe Crowd".

So when it comes time to consider going on a first date with a geek, ask yourself: "Am I geek enough?"

Tips for dating a geek:
  • Show an interest in math or science
  • Show an interest in the latest gizmos
  • Express yourself in symbolic gestures and terminology
  • Use words that have more than 3 syllables
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