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The practice known as "Cyber Squatting" is against the law and strictly prohibited. Listing our domain name on any site without including a URL to this site is forbidden! If you find a site listing our domain without linking to this site, it is breaking U.S. Trademark laws.

If our name FAQeFAQs or FAQeFAQs.com is found on a site without linking here and that non-linked page is being sponsored by Google's Adsense Program. If such pages are found, all such sponsoring sources will be held in collusion of criminal trademark violations... Which may result in punitive action against sites sponsoring those sites.

Why do business with a site that is unable to abide by fair trade practices? If they will go as far as violating our site's links policy, what will they do to you? Can you trust a company (Google's Adsense Program) that has no such regard for fair trade? Proof

Derivative variations of the FAQeFAQs.com domain name are also subject to "Cyber Squatting" laws. Examples include but are not limited to:
FAQeFAQs.info FAQeFAQs.us FAQeFAQs.org or FAQe-FAQs.net FAQe-FAQs.info FAQe-FAQs.us FAQe-FAQs.org or MyFAQeFAQs.com MyFAQeFAQs.info MyFAQeFAQs.us MyFAQeFAQs.org or FAQeFAQsNet.net FAQeFAQsNet.info FAQeFAQsNet.us FAQeFAQsNet.org

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All references to FAQeFAQs.com on other sites are welcome and permitted only if references to "FAQeFAQs.com" put FAQeFAQs.com in a positive perspective and an appropriate link to FAQeFAQs.com is included. These pages must allow search engines to follow links to FAQeFAQs.com.
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